How to Setup | EZVIZ eLife BC1C Review | Standalone Wire-Free Battery Security Camera

EZVIZ eLife is a standalone battery operated security camera. This camera does not have a base and no wires, making it easy to set it up.

This is the EZVIZ eLife Smart Home Battery Camera.
On the side of the box, some of its features are mentioned.
This camera records in 1080P Full HD video resolution stored in the included 32GB memory card.
The battery life lasts up to 210 days based on their own testing details.
The camera has color night vision and is also IP66 weatherproof.

Now, let’s open the box and see what’s inside.

These are all the items from the box.
This is the camera.
The magnetic base for the camera.
The screw base for the camera.
The mounting plate.
Drill template to use for drilling points.
Screw kit.
Power adapter.
Power cable.
Quick start guide and the regulatory information.

The camera feels solid and a little heavy for its size.

Let’s look at the front of the camera.
This is the lens.
Spotlight on both sides of the lens.
The LED indicator.
PIR sensor to detect motion.

At the bottom of the camera are the RESET button, the camera QR code, loudspeaker and the power port for charging.

Before setting up this camera, charge it using the power adapter and power cable included in the package.

This security camera has to be used with the EZVIZ app.
Download and install the EZVIZ app from the App Store or Google Play.

Launch the app and register an EZVIZ user account.
Make sure you are logged in to the EZVIZ app before trying to add a new camera.

On the bottom of the camera, press and hold the RESET button for 5 seconds. The LED indicator light will flash quickly in blue color.

On the EZVIZ app home screen, tap + to go to the Scan QR Code function.
Then, scan the QR code on the Quick Start Guide cover or from the body of the camera.

Follow the EZVIZ app wizard to complete the camera’s Wi-Fi configuration.

If you want to change the camera’s Wi-Fi connection, press and hold the RESET button for 5 seconds and repeat the previous steps again.

Once you have added the camera to the app, there will be menu options and activities that can be performed for this camera.

This is the Share option where you can share the device with anyone you wish.
The gear icon to view or change device settings.
This is to view the history of video recordings.
You can take a snapshot picture using this.
This allows you to manually start or stop recording video.
This is to talk and listen to the person near the camera.
Active Defense sounds the alarm to deter intruders.
You can select the video resolution for the recordings here.

The next step is to mount and position the camera.
The camera’s base is magnetic and you can just stick it to a metal object and start using it.
Or you can use the provided magnetic base or the screw base which allows you to adjust the camera angles much easily.

This is the mounting plate that is to be screwed to the wall.
To make the correct drill holes, place the drill template on the wall and drill the marked points.
Once the mounting plate has been screwed to the wall, you can attach either the magnetic base or the screw base to it.
Then attach the camera and adjust the angle as required.

Now let’s test this security camera’s detection and recording in it’s default settings.

As you can see here, the daytime video recording is quite clear.
I can zoom into the video and read the text.

Night time activates the spotlights and captures video in color.

I’m quite impressed with this security camera and it’s recording quality.

I will be testing it further and see how it performs in the long-term.

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