[SOLVED] eufy Security Camera Stuck in “Updating devices…” mode

I have a problem with my eufy security cameras.
None of them are working now.

No video recordings and I am unable to watch live view of the cameras.
Let’s see if we can fix this problem.

This is the eufySecurity app.
As you can see here, I have 2 eufy cameras connected to a eufy HomeBase.
Today is 13 September.
The timestamp of the video screenshots are dated 7 September.
So the eufy security cameras have not been recording for 6 days now.

To verify that, let’s look at the Events tab.
There are no recordings for today.

Click on the calendar and you can see that the dates with dots are the ones having recordings for that day.
There are no dots since 8 September as there has not been any recordings done.

I am going to try a few steps to see if this problem can be resolved.

Go to the Devices tab.
I am going to turn off the cameras and turn them on again.
Click on the gear icon of a camera.
Slide this ‘Camera On’ switch to turn it off.
Go back and repeat the same step for the other camera.
Now, turn the cameras on again and see if they have solved the issue.
Try playing the live view of a camera.
Looks like the problem is still there.

Next, I am going to try something with the HomeBase.
Click on the gear icon.
Scroll down.
Click on ‘Restart Device’ and wait for a while.
Try playing the live view of a camera again.
This did not solve the problem either.

I could try a hard factory reset but I would leave that as the last option.

During my online search for solutions, I found someone mentioning steps that resolved a similar problem.
Now, let’s try that.
In the eufySecurity app, click on the gear icon for the HomeBase.
Click on ‘Time Settings’.
Click on ‘Time Format’.
Select the other format and go back.
This should save the settings.
Now, try playing the live view of a camera again.
This did not solve the problem either.

This HomeBase has a built-in backup battery. To completely power it off, unplug the power adaptor and then press this button.

Now plug-in the power cable and start the HomeBase.
Wait for the light to turn white before checking the eufySecurity app again.

Finally! This step solved the eufy security camera being stuck in ‘Updating devices…’ mode.
I am going to go outside and check if the cameras are actually detecting motion and recording videos.

Let’s check the eufySecurity app ‘Events’ tab again.
As you can see here, the cameras have now started recording videos and I can confirm that the problem is now resolved.

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