USB-C to HDMI Cable | Phone to TV HDMI cord | Mobile Phone to HDMI Connection

If you are using your mobile phone, tablet or laptop and feel like you need a bigger screen, there is an easy way to output your smaller display to a bigger and better screen.

You no longer need extra dongles or converters to do that anymore.

All you need is a single cable, USB-C to HDMI such as this one from CableCreation.

I have been using some of their products for nearly 2 years now and they have proven to be reliable.

I’ll show you how to use this cable and list the scenarios that this cable is useful for.

This is an easy to use cable and one of the most useful items in my collection.

The cable is a Plug and Play, which means you don’t need to install software or driver before using it.

This cable length is 1.8 meters which is long enough for my needs. It is also available at 0.9 meters and 3 meters.

At one end is the USB Type-C male connector and the other end is HDMI Type-A male connector.

HDMI Type A is the full-size HDMI connector you would find on items like TVs, monitors and projectors.

The connectors are gold-plated and this is made of ABS Shell material.

This one cable can transmit audio and video, and supports video quality up to 4K@30Hz. You can also get the cable with 4K@60Hz.

Using a USB-C to HDMI cable is quite simple.

Connect the USB-C plug into your USB-C device such as mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Connect the HDMI plug to a TV, monitor, projector or screen you want to display the video.

Turn on the TV or display and select the correct input source.

Your device’s screen should now be displayed on the TV or the connected display screen.

For this cable to work, the host device’s USB-C port must support DP Alt Mode, or Thunderbolt 3 or 4. The Alternate Mode which is a feature in USB Type-C, allows for transmission of video signals.

Scenarios to use USB-C to HDMI Cable

These are some of the scenarios that you may find this cable useful for.

Mirror your phone screen to TV to show photos or videos.

Mirror your phone screen to TV to play mobile games.

Mirror your phone screen to TV to watch movies.

Extend your laptop screen to TV or monitor as an extended 2nd display.

Mirror your laptop screen to a projector for presentation in a meeting.

I find this cable to be very useful and convenient to use.

It allows me to enjoy a larger display whether for work or leisure.

There are many other scenarios that you can use an USB-C to HDMI Cable for.

If you have this cable, what would you use it for?