Add Family Members in Google Play Family Library Sharing Group | Play Pass, Apps, Games, Movies

Google Play is the store for Android devices where you can purchase apps, games, movies, tv shows, ebooks and audio books. You can create a family group in Google Play store so that you can share your purchases with up to five family members using Google Play family library.

In this video, I will explain and show you how to add family members to your Google Play family library. Open Google Play store on your device. Click on the Google account profile image. Select settings and then select family. As I have already created the family group before, the options may be different than if you are creating a family group for the first time. Please follow the steps on screen to create a new family group.

Once you already have a family group, click on manage family members. On my screen you can see that my account is shown as the family manager and I have two family members already added to the family group. I can invite and add three more family members to this group. I am now going to add another family member. Click on the plus sign.

As my Google Play Store payment is using a credit card, it now pops up asking me to enter the credit card security code. Enter the code and click verify. I can now add an email address and send an invitation to a family member. Click on send.

Invitation has been sent and it is now waiting for a confirmation. The family member has now received an email with the invitation. The family member has to click on accept invitation.

You are invited to join Google Play family library. Click on get started. Okay, the next step is confirm your account to join this family group. Once you confirm the email address and the email address of the family group, click on more. The next step is to confirm again and click on use account. The terms and conditions and the privacy policies and click on join.

Click on continue. You can now choose to add your previous purchases to the family group so there are two options. One is add all eligible purchases now, the second is I’ll add them later one by one. Okay, since we do not have any purchases for this account I’ll just put all eligible accounts and click on continue. You’re all set and that’s done, continue.

And that’s it for the family member now let’s get back to the original phone where the invitation has been sent. We’ll click on manage family members and you can see the family member approval link has disappeared. In this family account, I am the family manager and I have invited three family members and I still have two invitation left. So I can add up to five family members to be able to share all my purchases which is done in Google Play Store.

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