Is Google Play Pass Worth It? Review, Games, Trial, Subscription, Benefits

In this video you will learn about Google Play Pass and the signing up details. Google Play Pass is a subscription-based access to games and apps from Google Play Store.

You will have access to hundreds of games and apps without ads or in-app purchases. This access does not include all the games or apps in Google Play Store. What you will get is a curated catalog of games and apps. The list includes a lot of good apps and games which are still growing with new titles being added every month.

Google Play Pass cost $7.99 per month and $49.90 per year in Australia and family managers can share access with up to five other family members.

Now I am going to purchase Google Play Pass. Start Play Store. Click on the Google account profile information. Select Play Pass. You can have a trial period of one month and then will be charged at $7.99 each month or you can choose the annual subscription for $49.99 where you will save 48% compared to the monthly subscription.

You can cancel your subscription anytime in Google Play. If you have a family group in Google Play, you can share Google Play Pass access with your family members in the group. Let’s explore the apps and games catalog included in the Google Play Pass.

Normally, the app shown here either costs money to purchase or have ads in them. When accessed with Google Play Pass, the apps don’t cost anything extra and there are no ads.

Let’s purchase a Google Play Pass subscription. I am going for an annual subscription as it costs significantly less.

Google Play Pass annual subscription includes one month free trial which is starting today and today’s date is 17 April 2021 and the next payment is on the 17th May 2021 where I will be charged $49.99 per year.

Some of the conditions here are you can cancel at any time in subscriptions on Google Play. You won’t be charged if you cancel before 17th of May 2021. We’ll send you a reminder 7 days before your trial ends. Play Pass will automatically be shared with your family members. You can now read the terms of service and the privacy notice and then to continue click on subscribe to continue with the purchase. Enter the password for your Google account and then click on verify.

I have now subscribed to Google Play Pass so it says “Welcome to Play Pass”. Your family members will receive a message with instructions for activating Play Pass on their devices.

I can now browse apps and games. Let’s look at an example, this is the Football Manager 2021 Mobile by Sega and this app comes free with the Play Pass subscription. The normal list price is $13.99 so I can now install this app and play it without paying anything extra.

To check your Google Play Pass subscription status, click on the profile image at the top. Select payments and subscriptions. Click on subscriptions. Here you will find your Google Play Pass annual subscription and it is still active.

This is how easy it is to get Google Play Pass account activated. I hope you find this video informative and useful and if you think so please subscribe so that you can follow me in my future videos. Thank you so much for watching and see you again.