EZVIZ eLife 24/7 Continuous Recording Security Camera

EZVIZ eLife is a standalone battery operated security camera that does not need a base and the recordings are saved in the camera’s internal storage. And you can also choose the paid cloud storage option if you need them.

Generally, a battery powered security camera does not offer continuous video recording mode. But it is possible to turn the EZVIZ eLife security camera into a continuous recording security camera.

In this video, I will show you the easy steps to do it.

This is the EZVIZ eLife battery operated camera that can be used indoors or outdoors. The advantage of this camera is it’s long battery life and portability.

By default, the camera is set with smart detection to detect movements and start recording videos. This method saves power by only recording videos when it is needed. And this enables the battery to last longer.

Unlike many other battery operated security cameras, EZVIZ eLife can be set to continuously record video 24 hours a day. The disadvantage of continuous video recording is that it requires constant power and this will drain the internal battery quickly.

The only workaround for this is to provide continuous power to the security camera. This can be done by connecting the provided charging cable and letting the power turned on.

This power cable connection does not have protection against water, so it is not suitable for outdoors where there is no protection against rain or storm.

Once you have continuous power for the camera, you will need to use the EZVIZ app to set the camera for continuous recording.

Start the EZVIZ app.

In my EZVIZ app, there is only one camera which has been set up and you can see the screenshot of the last video captured.

On the screenshot, tap the small arrow at the bottom corner to go to the camera’s Settings page.

Or you can also tap anywhere on the screenshot to go to the camera’s live view and videos page.

Then tap the gear icon on the top right to go to the camera’s Settings page.

In the Settings page, tap on “Working Mode”.

Currently, it is set to “Power Saving Mode” which has short video clips and is recorded when motion is detected.

The other modes are “Performance Mode”, “Super Power-saving” and the customizable “Configure Working Mode”.

The one we are going to use for continuous video recording is the “Record Mode”.

In this mode, the camera will continuously record video and will use continuous power from being plugged in.

Being constantly plugged in has limitations on where you can place the camera.

It has to be close to a power supply or as far as the power extension cable that you can use.

In the app, you can find a list of recorded videos including the earlier short clips and long continuous video recordings.

To playback a video, touch the thumbnail to see and play individual video clips.

You can also touch and drag to start playing video at a specific time.

This is how easy it is to configure and use an EZVIZ eLife as a 24/7 continuous recording security camera.

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