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Wheel Of Names is a free website tool which allows you to enter a list of names or entries and let it pick a random item from the list. In this video, I will explain about this random name picker online website and how to use it.

First, open your web browser on your computer, phone or any other device. Enter the address wheelofnames.com

You will see a colorful wheel with some default sample data already there. The interface is pretty simple with a textbox just beside the wheel to enter the selection list.

There are many uses for this kind of random item selection wheel. You can use this winner picker wheel to select a random winner in a giveaway contest. Teachers can use this to randomly pick a student’s name.

If you have a to-do list and are not sure of what to do next, use this spinner wheel to pick which one to start first. Not sure where to go for dinner today? Just let the random spinning wheel do the selection for you.

Now let’s test this spinning wheel.

Start by clearing the sample entries and start typing your own, with one entry per line.

As you type, the wheel is dynamically updated to reflect the entries.

If you have a list elsewhere, for example a text file, you can just copy and paste the entries list into the textbox.

Once the entries are done, click or tap the wheel to spin.

Once the wheel stops at a random entry, the winner will be shown.

If you want to spin again without the current winner, just click “Remove” and the winning entry is removed from the list and wheel.

This is useful if you want to select multiple winners. For example first, second and third place.

Let’s look at the options on this website.

There are 3 tabs here.

The “Entries” tab shows the list of entries.

The “Results” tab shows all the winners.

The “Hide” tab hides all of them.

In the “Entries” tab, you can click “Shuffle” to rearrange the entries.

And click “Sort” to arrange it alphabetically.

The “Advanced” checkbox allows you to customize each entry further.

The “Add image” button allows you to add images as entries for the spinner wheel.

At the top menu option, “Customize” allows you to change the wheel and functions as per your preferences.

You can change the sound, the displays and timing during spin and after spin.

You can also change the appearance of the wheel here.

Under the menu “More”, you can import Twitter users and also link to Google Spreadsheet.

This will update the entries from the imported or linked source.

I find this Wheel Of Names random entry picker quite useful in many ways.

If you have used this random picker for unique or useful ways, let me know in the comments below.

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