Heart Sure Pulse Oximeter A320 Review

Look at this cute little device. This is a pulse oximeter.

A pulse oximeter is a device that is used to quickly and easily monitor a person’s oxygen saturation which means that this little device can measure and tell you the level of oxygen within a person’s blood.

In this video, we are going to look at a pulse oximeter from a brand called Heart Sure.

This is the box of Heart Sure Pulse Oximeter.

The box shows what the product looks like.

This pulse oximeter is for measuring oxygen saturation and pulse rate.

The features of this device are listed here.

At the back of the box is more information about this product.

The model is Heart Sure Pulse Oximeter A320.

It also explains here the reasons for using this product.

You can check your oxygen saturation level in your blood and your pulse rate for these reasons.

Before or after exercise.

Before or after medical surgeries.

Or monitor respiratory conditions.

Let’s open the box and see what’s inside.

This is the pulse oximeter.

Comes with a nice carry bag and a lanyard.

This pulse oximeter runs on two AAA batteries.

The user manual is quite informative.

Please make sure you read the safety information before using the device.

There is the introduction, installation, setup and operation information.

This user manual is quite good compared to many other products where there is just basic information. So, keep this user guide in a safe place as a reference.

The pulse oximeter itself is a very simple looking device.

This is the power button to turn on or off the device.

Press it for 2 seconds to turn it on.

This is the direction button where you can change the display orientation by pressing it multiple times.

The OLED panel displays the oxygen saturation and pulse rate.

At the back is the compartment for batteries.

Slide it open and put in two AAA batteries.

This is where you can tie the lanyard that makes it easy to carry around.

This pulse oximeter is quite simple to use.

Make sure the device is turned on.

Press open the clamp and insert your finger as far as possible with the nail surface upward, then release the clamp to shut.

The data may take a few seconds to appear while a reading is obtained.

The OLED screen displays the oxygen saturation and pulse rate.

It is recommended that your healthcare professional interpret your individual readings.

Pulse oximeters are useful tools for checking oxygen levels in your blood, but they’re not always accurate.

Prescription pulse oximeters are more accurate than over-the-counter (OTC) devices.

Don’t rely solely on pulse oximeter readings to gauge oxygen levels.

Track other symptoms as well.

Refer to a healthcare professional who will be able to give you more accurate medical advice.

I hope this video has been informative and useful for you.

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