Sandisk E30 Portable SSD Drive (1TB)

When it comes to file storage, we always seem to keep needing more and more storage as we keep taking photos and videos.

Larger storage capacity devices are getting cheaper and easily accessible for most people.

For portable storage devices, I will always recommend a portable SSD over a portable hard disk.

In this video, we are going to look at the SanDisk E30 Portable SSD drive.

This is the SanDisk 1 TB portable SSD box.

Why am I talking about a 2021 model portable SSD in 2022?

Because this is a reliable product and the price has become more affordable.

This portable SSD may not suit everyone but is good enough for most people’s daily use.

The front of the box has the picture of the SSD, the capacity and read speed.

This product is also available in sizes 480GB and 2TB.

The side has compatibility details.

And the back has more details on the product.

The model number of this product is SDSSDE30-1T00.

Now, let’s see what’s inside the box.

The SanDisk portable SSD, USB-C to USB-A cable and Safety and Warranty Guide.

The cable interface is USB 3.2 Gen 2.

This SSD is small and quite light at 40g, making it easy to carry around. In fact, its pocket-size allows you to store it in your pocket.

It comes with a tough rubber hook that can be used to secure it to your backpack or belt loop. You can also use a carabiner with the rubber hook.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I recommend an SSD as there are no moving parts and that gives you long term data storage reliability. And this portable SSD can withstand a drop up to two-meter, so that it is one less thing to worry about when carrying it around.

SanDisk is a popular brand among professional photographers, so it must be known to be reliable. In fact, I myself use a lot of SanDisk microSD cards.

This portable SSD comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Although everything looks good so far, there is one disadvantage which is its read speed. This model has a read speed of 520MB/s. This speed is usually sufficient for normal daily use but for people who work with large files such as photos and videos may find that this speed is not fast enough. There are other more expensive portable SSD that have read speeds such as 1,050MB/s or 2,000MB/s.

If you work with large files and need very fast SSD read speeds, do not buy this portable SSD.

For normal daily use, 520MB/s read speed is good enough for the affordable price the SSD is being sold for.

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