[SOLVED] Google AdSense: One of your payments account was canceled

YouTubers around the world including myself have received a frightening email from YouTube.

The title says, Google AdSense: One of your payments accounts was canceled.

A payments account was canceled.

Your payments account, your AdSense account number here, for Google AdSense was recently canceled.

If your balance is greater than A$15.00, you’ll receive your final payment from the canceled payments account during the next cycle. Any payments less than A$15.00 won’t be processed. Any other active payments account associated with Google AdSense will not be affected.

Is this something to worry about?

Are you going to lose your AdSense income?

While it sounds like your monetization has been taken away, this isn’t the case.

You have nothing to worry about and I will explain it to you.

The important point in this email is this last sentence, “Any other active payments account associated with Google AdSense will not be affected”.

The YouTube Studio app does not provide much information, so to check further, you will need to login to your AdSense account on the website.

Once logged in to the Google AdSense website, you will notice that the side menu is showing “AdSense for YouTube”.

In the side menu, click on “Payments” and then click on “Payments info”.

On this page, there is a drop down called “Payments Account”.

Click on the drop down and you will see multiple accounts, in this case a YouTube account and an AdSense account.

Here, you can see that the AdSense payment account has been closed and a new YouTube payment account has been created to replace it.

According to the email, your payments account for Google AdSense has indeed been canceled.

But, it has been replaced by a payment account for YouTube.

I really wished Google had communicated the message clearly instead of the panic that they have created around the world with YouTubers.

Thankfully, YouTubers can continue earning income from their YouTube channels and do not have to do anything in response to the email from Google.

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