Tanggula X5 Android TV Box | Live TV Box | Channel List Included

This is an Android IPTV box and it is amazing!

Compared to other Android smart TV boxes, this box has better specifications with more recent software updates. In this video, I will unbox this Android IPTV device, check its features, set it up and test it. Continue watching to learn more about this IPTV smart media box.

This is the box for the Tanggula X5 IPTV smart media device.

The front of the box shows the series, which is the X5.

The side has the brand name Tanggula.

At the back are all the specifications for this IPTV smart media box.

Now let’s open this box and see the contents.

These are all the items from the box.

Tanggula X5 IPTV smart media device.

Remote control.

Power adaptor.

HDMI cable.

Included is the X5 Series user guide. This guide has very limited information on three pages.

Also included is the Android TV user manual. This manual has more information spanning many pages. This covers a lot more topics and functions of the Android TV box. I feel the information presentation could have been better.

I don’t know why they have these two separate documents as it would have been better to combine both in a single user guide, especially when both have some repeating information. And I would personally prefer a colored user guide like this.

This is the smart TV box remote control and it has the standard layout of most Android TV box remotes. It has a mouse button here which allows you to use a screen cursor. You can then move the cursor using these navigation buttons and press OK to select. This function is pretty standard for most Android smart media boxes.

The Tanggula X5 device is pretty small and light.

At the top is the brand logo and I like how they have heat ventilation holes at the top corners. Hot air goes up, so these holes should make it easy to let heat out.

At the side is the memory card reader slot, one USB 3.0 slot, one USB 2.0 slot, an RJ-45 network ethernet port, an AV Out port, a HDMI port and the power connector port.

At the bottom, this sticker mentions the main specifications of this smart TV box.

It has 4GB DDR3 memory and 128GB eMMC storage capacity.

The processing power is an Amlogic S905X4 64-bit Quad Core ARM Cortex A55 CPU.

The graphics are handled by the G31 MP2 GPU processor.

The box supports connections via WiFi and Bluetooth.

This device is very simple to connect.

Plug in the HDMI cable to this box and the other end to a TV.

Connect the power adaptor and turn on power.

Let the Android TV box boot and load the operating system. Once this X5 Series box loads, you will see the home screen. As you can see here, there are already some preset apps and shortcuts.

Use the remote control to navigate to and select Settings.

Select “Network & Internet” and connect to your WiFi network. Once connected, the Tanggula X5 TV Box is ready to use.

If you have noticed, the date and time on the top right corner has now been automatically updated once the internet connection is active.

To view all the apps that are already installed in this smart TV box, select the “Apps” icon. These are the apps that came preinstalled.

YouTube app is already there to use. You can login using your Google Account and watch videos on YouTube.

Google Play Store is where you can find and install apps from a huge selection that are continuously updated. Login using your Google Account and start installing your favorite apps and games.

KDMC seems like a media center version taken from Kodi. I would personally prefer to use Kodi, an open source media player and entertainment hub. You can install Kodi from Google Play Store.

Tanggula X5 comes pre-installed with Firefox browser. You can also install any other internet browser from the Play Store.

Select “Wallpaper” icon to change the background image of the screen interface. You can select “Default Wallpaper” or from the internal storage. Navigate and select a new background image by pressing OK on the remote control.

At the bottom are shortcut links to apps. You can click the plus sign to add more shortcut links. You can also select an existing shortcut and change it to link to another app.

AirScreen app allows wireless transmission protocol like AirPlay, Cast, Miracast or DLNA for Android. Click on “How to use” to learn the steps.

Launch the Tanggula app which is already there in the shortcut links. As this is the first time, Live TV starts updating automatically. Once that’s done, select Movies to download and update the movie database. Then, select Series to download and update the TV Series database.

Now, let’s open Live TV. Live TV channels are placed into various categories on the left. Under ALL category, it shows 10109 channels. That is a huge number of channels to choose from. Thankfully, the channels are also made available in many categories, making it so much easier to find and watch what you want.

Select MOVIES to open the movies directory. As you can see here, the ALL category lists 37054 movies. That is a huge number of movies to choose from. Movies are also placed in various categories that makes it easier for you to find something to watch according to genre.

Under “New Releases” category, a catalog of movies released in 2022 is shown here. The count shows 414 movies under this category alone. You can navigate the list and pick a movie to watch.

On the left, you can navigate the various movie categories. There are hundreds of movies in each category. And I’m sure you will find something enjoyable to watch.

You can use the search field and, using the remote control and the on-screen keyboard, search for specific movies. This makes it much easier to look for your favorite movies.

From the home screen, select SERIES to open the TV series directory. Similar to movies, TV series are also organized into categories. Most TV series are categorized into seasons and episodes.

If you like a show, you can add it to a Favourites list by selecting the heart icon on the screen. Once the heart icon turns red, the show is already bookmarked into the Favourites list. Navigate to the Favourites category and you will find the show you have already bookmarked.

On the home screen, there is the ‘LIVE WITH EPG’ icon. Selecting it will present you with channel categories. Once you select a category, a list of channels with a live view of a channel is shown. Unfortunately, none of the channels provided any information about the shows.

The ‘FAVOURITE’ on the home screen opens to bookmarked categories from ‘Live Favourite’, ‘Movies Favourite’ and ‘Series Favourite’. This makes it easy for you to access all your favourite live TV, movies or TV series all in one place.

The ‘CATCH UP’ option from the menu shows categories and channels that you can play.

At the top is the ‘Master Search’ option that allows you to search channels, movies and series from one place.

Launch ‘Radio’ from the menu. This option doesn’t seem to have any radio channels listed. There is only ‘Channels History’ with a list of channels that I selected earlier.

’Multi-Screen’ option allows you to choose a layout and select multiple channels to play in the selected layout. Once a layout is selected, pick a channel for one box. Then, go to another box to pick another channel. This allows you to keep an eye on multiple TV channels.

Notifications option here has really old information listed. I’m not sure if it will be updated anytime soon.

The Recordings area is where you will find your TV recordings. I did not test it, so there are no files here.

If you go into Settings, there are various options that you can customize according to your needs.

Tanggula X5 comes pre-installed with Disney+, Netflix and Prime Video. You will need to have your own subscription logins to watch shows on these apps.

The broom icon beside the clock kills processes to free up memory and optimize performance.

Most Android TV boxes come with older versions of the operating system. Tanggula X5 has Android 11 which is still a maintained version. Not too far from the current Android 13.

In the Android Storage settings, you can verify the memory and storage capacity of Tanggula X5 smart TV box.

Tanggula X5 is a fully loaded Android TV box that can be used straight out of the box once you connect to the internet. It is so easy to use and you get to enjoy a large selection of TV channels, movies and shows straight away.

The upgraded TangTV user interface provides a better experience and it is easy to learn.

This tiny Android 11 smart TV box packs a lot of features and is a great entertainment device with its huge selection of TV channels, movies and shows. And the list is updated frequently so you’ll always have access to new movies and shows.

The Tanggula X5 Android TV box is available for purchase from Tanggula’s website which I have provided the link to in this video description. The website shows the Tanggula X5 price and also lists other products such as Tanggula X1 and Voice Air Mouse Remote Control Mini Keyboard.

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