Philips Series 1000 Air Purifier AC1215/70 | Review | Features | How To Use

An air purifier is a product that filters air to remove invisible viruses, allergens or pollutants in your indoor space such as home or office.

This is a Series 1000 air purifier from Philips. If you often sneeze, or have allergic reactions to particles in air, you might want to get a reliable air purifier. In this video, I will talk about the Philips air purifier features and show you how to use it. I will also test it for a week and provide the results.

The box itself reveals a lot of information about this air filter.

This is a Philips Series 1000 air purifier. Philips also has other models such as Series 800, 2000, 3000 and 5000.

This air filter is capable of filtering room size up to 70m2.

It has night sensing mode and VitaShield IPS, which I will discuss later in this video.

This shows the amount of air it can clean in an hour, size and percentage of its filtering capability.

There is also testing certification from these two groups.

At the top of the box, it mentions the model Philips air purifier Series 1000 AC1215.

And some of its features are also mentioned here.

At the side of the box, it shows what each filter is capable of filtering.

With VitaShield IPS technology, this air purifier is capable of filtering various particles and gases. It seems to cover common elements that are harmful for us.

On the other side, there are more details.

There is 2 years worldwide guarantee and this air purifier uses 50 watt power which is around the range of a standard light bulb.

Let’s open this box and see the contents.

These are all the items from the box.

The Philips air purifier, a user manual and warranty information.

At the top is the control panel and the air quality display screen.

This is the grip hole to hold and carry this air purifier.

The air outlet area is at the back facing upwards.

At the side is the air quality sensor.

This is the front panel and a large area for air intake.

First, remove all safety sticker tapes from the air purifier.

Now, let’s open the front panel by holding and pulling the bottom part and then gently lift to remove it from the air purifier.

Remove any safety stickers and take out all filters.

Remove all packaging materials from the filters.

Place all the filters back in place.

Reattach the front panel.

Plug in the air purifier and touch this button to turn it on.

The air quality light turns on and after around 30 seconds, the air quality sensor selects the color that corresponds to the surrounding air quality.

Currently, it is running in Automatic fan speed mode. Touching this fan button will rotate the fan speed between Allergen mode, Speed 1, Speed 2, Speed 3 and Turbo modes.

The Automatic Allergen mode works to reduce common allergens such as pollen and pet dander.

The air purifier has automatic night sensing mode which turns off the lights and adjusts the fan speed for less noise. You can also manually turn on the night sensing mode by touching this button.

To turn on child lock, touch this button for 3 seconds to activate it. Touch again for 3 seconds to deactivate child lock.

You can easily monitor the air quality with the indicator light color. Red means very unhealthy, red purple means unhealthy, blue violet means moderate and blue means good.

I’ve been testing this air purifier daily for a week. We have a Covid infected person in the house, and so far no one else got infected despite being in a close environment in winter. I cannot verify if this air purifier helped filter viruses in the air.

What I noticed when testing this air purifier in a bedroom is that the air felt fresher and easier to breathe. No more blocked nose or any winter flu symptoms for me since using this Philips air purifier. The fact that I was quite sick the week before, this felt like a positive change.

After running the air purifier in a room with a closed door, the air quality light shows better quality air. But when I open the door and outside air gets in, the air purifier detects the poorer air quality, immediately changes to lower air quality light and starts working harder to filter air, hence the faster spinning fan and louder sound.

Another test that I did was to have the Philips air purifier filter the room air, and then I sprayed disinfectant aerosol spray in the room 2 meters away. The air purifier detected this and started working harder to filter air. VitaShield IPS is the technology used to help remove harmful gases, bacteria, viruses and ultrafine particles as small as 0.02µm in the air to keep a clean and fresh environment in your room.

If you get an air purifier, there are choices with replaceable filters or washable filters. This Philips Series 1000 Air Purifier comes with replaceable filters and they are easily available at local stores. The air filter was on sale and the filters are quite reasonably priced, which is why I chose this model.

Philips Series 1000 Air Purifier has been performing well during my test and I am happy with the results so far. I do feel the air quality improving and more breathable while the machine is running. Others in the house felt the same. In conclusion, this is a really value for money device considering that it was on sale.

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